Malaysian Based Wedding and Elopment Photographer

I'm inspired by the connection between people in love. For almost a decade I've documented engagement sessions and weddings, in various landscape, and recently open for elopments to the rest of the world.  For me there is nothing more fulfilling than seizing the wedding day vibe from the peak to valleys, and also showcase how it all really felt. My style is a culmination of my love for cinema and nature. I am driven by passion to document the unscripted and honest moments that create the narrative of your wedding or elopement day. Feel free to have a look at my blogs and if you feel a connection with the art, I'd love to hear your story and plans!

How my Photography Works


Photoshoots should be fun



Take on any environment with the randomness of the day



Your story is NOT a TEMPLATE, it must be unique and personal to you



"We don't know how to pose"
That's the best part, and that's where I come in!

No POse, No Worry

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Kind words that keeps me going

Kind words that keeps me going

“All the pics are absolutely beautiful Thinesh n l are so lucky we got you😍.

Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and ourselves, it shows in the photos. Most ppl at the wedding asked me hey, the photographer is your friend ah?” was like “not before the wedding but yes he’s a friend now".

Not forgetting how comfortable my family felt around you too. You’re a gem, Celes. Thank you for making it so memorable for us🥰🤗🙏”